State Farm insurance commenced in 1922, the invention of a man named George J. Mecherle. Mecherle thought he could come up along with a better insurance company than the rest, providing better coverage and excellent rates. Something about Mecherle's vision was correct - more than eighty years afterwards, State Farm Insurance is still going strong.

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"In just over 80 years, State Farm Insurance Companies(registered company) has developed from a small farm mutual auto insurer to one of the planet 's biggest financial institutions. But despite State Farm's growth, Mecherle's initial philosophy of insurance coverage in a fair cost coupled with reasonable claim settlement has remained."
State Farm website, May 2006

State Farm, Today

With 25 operations centres in 13 zones, these days State Farm employs 79,200 individuals, including 16,700 plus representatives. State Farm actively solutions 71.6 million insurance insurance plans in in the USA and Canada. Many awards have been received by State Farm due to their equal opportunity employing techniques, as well as for the number of jobs the company has generated. State Farm strives to give back to the community, participating in many plans including scholarships and awarding grants, to further education and security.

"Our vision for the future will function as the customer's first and finest alternative in the products we supply. We are going to continue to function as leader in the insurance industry and we will turn into a leader in the financial services area. Our customers' needs will determine our course. Our values will guide us."
- State Farm web site, May 2006

What State Farm Offers

State Farm can take good care of all of your insurance needs. They offer most kinds of insurance plan. All of the typical suspects of life, house, vehicle, renter's, and supplemental medical insurance are available through State Farm. Insurance offerings comprise condominium, long-term care, and Medicare supplement. The State Farm web site is very user friendly and easy to work with. Using the site, consumers can obtain a quote on almost any coverage named above, or find an agent, equally within within seconds. Replying a few quick questions will lead you to a free online quote, and a search feature makes finding a real estate agent straightforward work.

You may also reach State Farm agents through internet insurance quote web sites. This offers you the ability to compare rates from State Farm and from other impartial brokers or firms. Inquire with the site in question regarding the corporations that'll be supplying a quote.

"State Farm's mission will be to assist individuals handle the risks of everyday life, recover from the sudden, and realize their visions."
- State Farm web site, May 2006

Other Services

Does State Farm provide you with quality insurance, but the web site is a wealth of tools and information. A helpful learning centre exists on-line for life stages such as investing in a home, or having a new born, union, or any who would like to find out more about college preparation, retirement preparation, economies strategies, prevention and safety. There's even a "child stuff" section. Consumers can understand about reasons to have auto insurance and what insurance policies do for you, and the things they could mean in your life.


State Farm is really one of the earliest names in insurance, and theirs is. There's no way there would nevertheless be going strong, if State Farm didn't supply excellent customer service and satisfaction. Frequently, it is much more affordable to purchase all of your insurance plans through one carrier than through many different firms. State Farm can offer all your insurance requirements, without making you spend a bundle. Isn't it better to use a company you know you depends on?


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